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    Q and A

    Post by Arcane on Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:30 pm

    Got a question ask it here and it shall be answered!

    Compiled list of Questions and Answers!

    1. Q: Do i need to sign up?
      A: Nope you can reply to posts even as a guest!

    2. Q: Do i need to verify when signing up for an account?
      A: Nope as soon as you register for an account you will have access to your account!

    3. Q: Can i use an custom avatar?
      A: Yes you can if you have an account!

    4. Q: What are the primary objectives for this forum?
      A: To be a place to discuss the articles and more!

    5. Q: When will there be a customized forum adress?
      A: When i can afford it!

    6. Q: Is the forum being updated?
      A: Yes the forum will go through several updates the coming weeks!

    7. Q: Can i join El Nath Times?
      A: Yes you can read more here:

    8. Q: How often will there be articles out?
      A: As often as we can, for starters there will be one or two articles every month until we have enough people to push out more articles often!

      Current date/time is Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:48 pm