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[Read First]Guidelines to Applications


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[Read First]Guidelines to Applications

Post by Arcane on Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:48 am

Hello everyone!

Now you might wonder what different tasks there is on El Nath Times?

Well we have several tasks and all are equally important, but they all varies in how much time needed to fullfill the task!

So what tasks are there on El Nath Times?

  1. Article Writer.
  2. Spell Checker.
  3. Gather Information.
  4. Graphics.
  5. Template Designer.
  6. Newsletter Design.
  7. Social Media.
  8. Idea and layout.

As you can see there are 8 different tasks currently on El Nath Times!
Below here i will explain the different tasks and what they are needed for.

  • Article Writer is one of the bigger tasks around as it takes the information that has been gathered and put it down into an easy to read text. The time it takes to complete an article varies depending on the topic choosen for just that article!

  • Spell Checker Is a slightly smaller task as it requires the checker to read through all articles that is going out to be published here on the forum to be in readable shape for all off you that reads the article!

  • Gather Information This is as Article Writer a big task as it requires us to look on patches/videos from other services outside of GMS or on GMS to be able to put together a good article to be published, (as we currently dont have many people working on this, that means most information will come from what information we can gather from GMS website and small pieces from is providing!

  • Graphics Are the people who design our logos, color palettes and other estetic pieces!

  • Template Designer The role of a Template Designer is not the easiest one cause it requires to be able to come up with a rough idea of how example an facebook/twitter article sneakpeak is gonna be looking before we publish it. They also have to come up with ideas on how the template for newsletters, articles should look in the end.

  • Newsletter Designer Is the person who makes drafts of what information should be in the newsletter, they come up with ideas for the newsletter and bring them to me and the discussion will start there.

  • Social Media The people on the Social Media team is working on what to publish on our Twitter and Facebook pages, be it the articles, newsletter or even the sneakpeaks its important that it gets on our Social channels!

  • Idea and Layout The task of coming up with ideas for articles, templates and graphics falls on this person, to come up with general ideas of what should be in and how it should look!

There is the current tasks that is required to part of the El Nath Times currently!

So if you feel like one of the above tasks fits you dont hesitate to submit a new thread on this forum!

So how should the thread look like?

  1. Make a new thread and call it
  2. [*Task*]Application (example [Article Writer]Application.

  3. In the thread you fill in the following information:
    *Your name/nickname.
    *Any experience (isnt required if you wanna learn thats ok!)
    *If you have any knowledge of maple (If yes then what do you know about maplestory)
    *What region(s) you have played in (GMS,KMS,TMS,CMS,MSEA etc)
    *What your stronger abilities are
    *What your less strong abilities are
    *Own thoughts.
    *If you apply to be an Graphics person you also have to add in an example of something you made!

  4. Submit your application and wait for a PM if you been accepted, denied or still being considered!

Good luck to everyone!
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